Signing up for Office 365 with Exchange and migrating your emails is a simple process that we will walk you through step by step, you will need to perform the following five steps when changing your email hosting to Office 365:

  1. Sign up for an Office 365 account, or you can use an existing one you already have
  2. Add your domain(s) that you want to migrate email for to your Office 365 account
  3. Add your email user(s) for those domain(s)
  4. Add an Exchange Email subscription (i.e. Exchange Online Plan 1) to your Office 365 account and assign that subscription to your email users
  5. Migrate Emails from Orange Geek to Exchange

We will explain these steps in depth now:

1. Sign Up for an Office 365 Account:


1. Sign up for Office 365. The best value for getting hosted email with Office 365 is the Exchange Online Plan 1 for $4/user/month. For now just go through the sign up process, it will have you purchase an email subscription later.

2. Enter your information, use an alternative email for the business email, not one you'll be migrating

3. Enter your domain and use the default extension

4. Login to with the email address that you just signed up with (i.e.

2. Add a Domain:


1. Go to Microsoft 365 admin center by clicking on the Admin app on the main app page, or from the blue grid icon at the top left corner

2. From the sidebar select Show More then select "Setup > Domains"

3. Click "Add Domain" button > Enter the Domain Name > click Next

4. Verify Domain - Select "Add a TXT record instead" > click Next

5. Send Orange Geek the TXT Value verification code (i.e. MS=ms31495762) via a ticket from: or send an email to with a subject that includes "Email Setup"- Wait until Orange Geek has confirmed that they've added the record and then press verify (You can save and close the set up process while waiting for a response if you need to).

6. Set up your online services - Select "I'll manage my own DNS records" > click Next

7. Make sure only "Exchange" is selected > click Next

8. Send Orange Geek all of the DNS record information it gives you (MX, CNAME, TXT) via a ticket from: or send an email to with a subject that includes "Email Setup" - Wait until Orange Geek has responded that they added the records and then press verify (You can save and close the set up process while waiting for a response if you need to)

3. Add a User/ Edit the Existing User:


1. From the admin sidebar select "Users > Active Users"

a. You can choose to edit the existing primary user (i.e. you can click on that user and change the domain from the dropdown to the domain you just added > click Save > then sign in to Office 365 with the new username (i.e at

b. If you are migrating the mailbox for another user click "Add a user" and fill in the info for the user you are migrating

4. Add a Subscription:


1. From the admin sidebar select "Billing > Subscriptions" and click "Add Subscriptions"

2. If you only want Exchange Email and don't want any other Office 365 services/apps select Exchange Online (Plan 1) from the "Other Plans section"

3. Choose your terms, the number of users is the number of addresses with mailboxes you want. You can assign the subscription to your user(s) automatically via the checkbox, or assign them later. Then select checkout and complete the checkout process.

4. If the subscription wasn't assigned to your user automatically, Go to users > Active users > Select the user to add the subscription to > select the subscription you just purchased > Save.

5. Migrate Email from Orange Geek to Exchange:


1. From the admin sidebar select Setup > Data Migration and then select "Other Email Sources..."

2. Enter Orange Geek's IMAP info and then press save:

IMAP Server Name:

Port: 993

Security: SSL

Email Address: Any address you have on Orange Geeks mail server, you can simply use the primary one you're migrating

Password: Your Orange Geek email password

3. Enter the source email which is the Orange Geek email you're migrating and your Orange Geek email password and select "Start Migration"

4. Once the migration is complete the status will be synced, at that point the email has been fully migrated and you can click "close connection"