Switching your domain email to G Suite is easy, we'll walk you through it step by step:

First you will sign up for G Suite and add your domain and users:

1. Sign up for a gsuite plan. Any of the plans offered will be sufficient for most users. Select "Get Started" and fill in the sign up info. When asked for your current email address, use an alternate email different from the one you are migrating.

2. Does your business have a domain? - Select "Yes, I have one I can use". Then enter the domain you are migrating email for. You can add additional domains to migrate emails for later.

3. How you'll sign in - Enter the same username as the primary email you will be migrating, you will be able to add additional users to migrate later. Then click "Verify"

4. Sign in using the username and password you just set, you can now confirm your plan and checkout, then continue to setup.

5. Click "Start" to add additional users to your domain. If you only have one address to migrate, select "I added all user email addresses currently using @domain.com" and click next.

6. We will help you set up all necessary email records in this section:

* Log in to your domain host's website - You don't actually need to log in anywhere. For the easiest setup process select "Add <meta> tag to domain" from the drop down and then check the box to go to the next step

* Add the meta tag to your domain - send us the meta tag (should look something like this: <meta name="google-site-verification" content="QvyNZZHpsfdfsd8G1d99-RfL4ksfddfdpCAflq5_Luw" />) via a ticket from: https://www.orangegeek.com/contact-us/ or send an email to support@orangegeek.com with a subject that includes "Email Setup mydomain.com" - go to the next step

* Go to the control panel for my domain - Again, you don't need to do anything. We will do this step for you, just check "I have opened the control panel for my domain"

* Delete existing MX records - You don't need to do anything. We will do this step for you, just check "I have deleted existing MX records"

* Create new MX records for G Suite - We will add these records at the same time we add the meta-tag you sent us previously - go to the next step.

* Save the MX records - If we have responded to your ticket/email already you can click "I saved the MX records". Then click "Verify Domain and Set Up Email"

7. You may then be asked to confirm the plan you are signing up for one more time, and then it will bring you to your Google Admin Console.

Next you can migrate existing email from your Orange Geek email account to your G Suite email account:

1. Select "Data Migration" from the Google Admin Dashboard

2. What would you like to migrate? Select "Email" and Continue

3. Migration Source: Select "I don't know/Other IMAP server from the drop down".

Connection Protocol: Select "IMAP"

IMAP Server name: mail.orangegeek.net

Role account: You can use any email username/password that is on your Orange Geek email account, for simplicity just use your primary email username/password

Click Connect

4. Migration start date - Select the date of emails you want to migrate, G Suite will migrate your email from that date to the most recent

Migration Options - fill these in as desired.

Click Select Users

5. Click the yellow circle in the bottom right corner, you can either migrate email for a single user or for multiple users at once.

Migrate From: Orange Geek Email Address and Password

Migrate To: Select the associated user on GSuite you want to migrate the email to. Click Start. 

You can now close the window and your emails will continue to migrate until they are all moved over.