FTP Account

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. This is a standard network protocol that is used for the transfer of computer files. Generally, the access to an FTP account only occurs when a user would like to transfer or edit content within these files. The most common use for this account is by web designers in order to access and alter files stored on a WordPress account. There are several different FTP clients, but the most commonly used client is known as FileZilla. This client is compatible with Mac and Windows products. Below are the instructions to download and access your FTP account via FileZilla. If you are unaware of your login username and password, a member of the Orange Geek team can email you that information.

Accessing Your File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Account

  1. Download FileZilla  
  2. Once installed, open the new FileZilla program  
  3. Under the “File” Menu, click on Site Manager
  4. Select New Site and call it <yourdomain.com
  5. Under the “General” site configuration settings, use the following:

Host: IP address we provide you with  Port: 21

Protocol: FTP - File Transfer Protocol  

Encryption: Only use plain FTP (insecure)


Logon Type: Normal 

User: Provided username from Orange Geek

Password: Provided password from Orange Geek

  1. Click Connect
  2. Once connected, your WordPress installation is in the ‘/www/‘ folder