Orange Geek Spam Account

Your Orange Geek spam account is an email filtering and archiving solution that helps to prevent thedelivery of spam to your Orange Geek email. With every domain account that you set up throughOrange Geek, you will also receive information for your spam account so that you can manage what isfiltered.

In order to access your spam account, go to the following link and use the credentials that wereprovided to you in your email set up informational email. If you are unaware of your username/password, please email us at and we can help you gain access to youraccount. website domain

Control Panel

As you sign into your Orange Geek spam account, you will be directed to the main control panel page. There will be quite a few different options that will be available on your control panel. These are the most commonly used options from this main control panel:

  1. Log Search

  2. Spam Quarantine

  3. Filter Settings

  4. Report Spam

  5. Periodic Domain Report

  6. Sender/Recipient Whitelist

  7. Sender/Recipient Blacklist

Log Search

Log search is a useful tool when wanting tosearch for a message that may have beensent through the spam flagging process. Thistool gives a large range of filters in order tosearch for an email. When using this tool,multiple fields can be used if you know thespecific information of the email. If you onlyhave vague information about what you aresearching for, you can use as little as one fieldto search for a message.

There are two search modes: “within range”and “latest results”. Within range is a moregeneral search that will show messages thatare still being processed by the spam filter.Latests results will give a continually refreshedlog of messages that only includes newconnections and excludes messages that havebeen completely processed.

If you have been waiting for a message that hasn’t come to your Orange Geek inbox and you are afraid it has been flagged as spam on your account, Log Search is a great tool to utilize because ofits variety of options.

Spam Quarantine

Spam Quarantine is a list of all the messages that have been permanently filtered and flagged by yourspam account. Messages will go through a couple different stages of filtering and some messages maybe temporarily rejected and will not be on this list. If you are looking for a specific message and youcannot find it by scrolling through this list or using the search feature in the Spam Quarantine then tryusing the Log Search feature to find it. If you are not looking for a specific message, this is a greatplace to scroll through periodically to make sure your account is not flagging messages that you areunaware of but should be coming to your inbox.

If you see a message/domain that isbeing regularly blocked by the spamfilter incorrectly, there are a few differentoptions to correct this error. Whenclicking on the drop down arrow next tothe message that was filtered, a list ofoptions will be given.

  • Release: This option will allow theselected message to be releasedinto your Orange Geek inbox, butmessages from this same domainmay still continue to be filtered

  • Release and Train: This option willrelease the selected message intoyour inbox and train your spamaccount to avoid filtering similarmessages in the future

  • Release and Whitelist: This option will release the selected message into your inbox and add thedomain that it was sent from to your whitelist which ensures that messages from that domain willnever be flagged as spam by your spam account

  • Remove: This option will simply delete the selected message from your Spam Quarantine list andmessages from the sender or with similar content may still be flagged by your spam account

  • Remove and Blacklist: This option will delete the selected message from your Spam Quarantinelist and add the senders domain to your blacklist ensuring that messages from that domain willalways be flagged by your spam account when it goes through the filter process

Filter Settings

Filter Settings is where you go in order to manage the filtering threshold parameters as well asenabling/disabling various filtering settings. The following are the settings that can be adjusted to helpimprove the spam filter process:

  • Quarantine Enabled: If you do not want yourmessages filtered for spam, uncheck this option todisable the spam filtering system

  • Quarantine Threshold: When messages are filteredwith the content analysis portion of your spamaccount, it is given a score that ranges from 0.0-1.0of how certain the filter believes the messagescontent is spam related. The lower on the scale, theless certain the filter is that the message is spam, sothe higher you set this threshold, the more likely youare to receive false negatives, and the less likely youare to receive false positives

  • Unsure Notation Threshold: This threshold will determine the minimum score that a messagemust receive in order to be classified as unsure. It uses the same score system as the QuarantineThreshold and if a message is marked as unsure, it will be notated

  • Skip SPF Check: The Sender Policy Framework check (SPF) is an email-validation systemdesigned to detect whether a senders domain or ip address comes from a host authorized by that domain administrator. Many spam and phishing emails are sent from a forged sender address. If

    this option stays unchecked, it will enable this feature

  • Skip Maximum Line Length Check: Emails are restricted to an allowed line-length which most

    email software programs automatically enforce. However, some applications do not adhere to theofficial specifications and emails get away with exceeding the maximum allowed line-length. Themajority of these emails are spam and will therefore be filtered as such unless this option is checked

  • Unsure Notation: As stated before, if a message is marked as “unsure” spam then it will get ageneric notation. This field allows you to create a custom notation for any messages marked as unsure

Report Spam

If there are messages you are receiving in your inbox butwould like it to be flagged as spam by your spam filter, thisis where you go to “train” your account so you do notreceive messages like it again in yourinbox. In order to report a message as spam, you will need to download a copy of it as an .eml or .msg file to your computer.If you are in the Orange Geek webmail client, in order todownload a message to report it as spam you will have to openthe message, expand the “More” menu, and select “Download”.Once you have saved the email you would like to report, youcan drag and drop it into the Report Spam menu or browse anddownload the file in the menu.

Periodic Domain Report

This feature is a great way to make sure no messages get sent to yourspam filter that should be sent to your inbox. When this feature isenabled, your spam account will send you a periodic email showing whichmessages have been flagged by your spam filter. This way, anymessages that should be going to your inbox but have been flaggedfalsely as spam can be reversed without you manually checking yourspam account.

Sender/Recipient Whitelist and Blacklist

The Whitelist and Blacklist features for the Orange Geek spam account allows users to createpermanent filters for specific emails, domains, and/or TLDs.

  • Whitelist - by adding a new entry to the Whitelist, any emails sent fromthat email/domain/TLD will automatically be sent to your inbox and willnot be filtered as spam

  • Blacklist - by adding a new entry to the blacklist, emails will be flaggedautomatically as spam when being filtered and will not be sent to youremail inbox