Setting Up With Mozilla Thunderbird  

1. Open Mozilla Thunderbird 

2. Click on Local Folders to the left

3. Under Account click Create a new account: Email 

4. When asked Would you like a new email address? select Skip this and use my existing email 

5. Fill in the following fields as follows:

  • Your name: Preferred name
  • Email address: Orange Geek email
  • Password: Orange Geek email password
6. Click Continue. Window will say Looking up configuration

7. An error will pop up saying Thunderbird failed to find the settings for your email account. Type in the following manual configuration settings:

                                                  Server hostname           Port     SSL             Authentication

  • Incoming:    IMAP*         993     SSL/TLS        Normal Password   
  • Outgoing:    SMTP         465     SSL/TLS        Normal Password
  • Username:  Incoming:  Full Orange Geek email               Outgoing:       Full Orange Geek email  

*IMAP is the recommended setting and would allow this email account to be accessed on multiple devices, whereas POP would only make it accessible on this device

8. Click Done

9. If everything was entered correctly, the window will close and your email will be added to the left hand account column of your Mozilla Thunderbird

Deleting Your Email on Mozilla Thunderbird

1. Open Mozilla Thunderbird

2. Click on the email account name in the left hand column you wish to delete

3. Under Accounts click on View settings for this account 

4. Click the drop down box Account Actions  

5. Click Remove Account in the drop down menu

6. Click OK