Setting Up With Apple Mail 

1. Open Apple mail 

2. Expand the Mail menu and select “Preferences…” 

3. Select the Accounts tab 

4. Click the add account button in the bottom left hand column  

5. Under Choose a Mail account provider… select: "Other Mail Account…"

6. Click Continue

7. Under Add a Mail account fill in the following fields as follows:

  • Name: Preferred Name
  • Email Address: Orange Geek full email address
  • Password: Password used for Orange Geek email
8. Click Sign In 
9. Error will pop up stating Unable to verify account name or password. Enter in the following manual configurations: 
  • Email Address: Orange Geek full email address 
  • User Name: Orange Geek full email address 
  • Password: Password used for Orange Geek email 
  •  Account Type: Select how you would like to sync your mail 
    • POP3 Account - emails are taken from the server and downloaded to the device your are setting up on and are then only accessible on that device
    • IMAP Account - (recommended) Keeps your emails stored on the server to allow access to email messages on multiple devices
  • Incoming Mail Server: 
  • Outgoing Mail Server:
10. Click Sign In 
11. Select whether you would like to use the Mail and/or Notes app with this email account and click Done 
12. Once redirected to the Accounts settings, click on the newly added email and go to the Advanced tab   
13. Change the Port from “143” to “993” and make sure the “Use SSL” is checked
14. Click the Exit icon and click Save when prompted

Deleting Your Email on Apple Mail 
1. Click the apple symbol and click System Preferences 
2. Click on Internet Accounts
3. Click on the account you would like to delete
4. Click the delete icon
5. Click OK 

Attached is a step-by-step tutorial document on how to set up and delete your Orange Geek email on Apple mail.